How to convince your partner to join the threesome!

Most people in the United States are more open, and many couples look for unicorns to form a threesome. To pursue more excitement, most of the threesome's initiatives are proposed by men. Of course, there are exceptions. Some women want to form a threesome. They all want to find more excitement or release work pressure.

When a unicorn woman joins your threesome, if your wife is a more active person, she likes the threesome to meet your physiological needs, then you can invite this unicorn woman to join and look for More happiness.

First, you need to consider your partner's perception of joining a unicorn woman.

Women are born with the characteristics that are of great concern to anyone who joins their lives, especially women who are not members of this family. Women are inherently embarrassing. For men, the first consideration for joining a unicorn woman is Your partner's opinion of this matter.

For most women, the trio bears the risk that she is unwilling to accept. The first big obstacle you will face is overcoming her insecurities. Any woman who cares about you will worry about this relationship and all the classic fears and uncertainties about your love. It is also important to sympathize with your partner many times to improve your relationship. The only way to solve problems in the trio is to be male. Men can use the body to comfort the other two women. As long as the two women are satisfied, you will succeed in more than half.

What behavior caused her insecurities?

If your partner is jealous, the root cause may stem from your behavior. If you recognize certain behaviors of yourself, your partner has the right to feel unsafe about your relationship:

You often express dissatisfaction with her

You often criticize her and never compliment her

You flirt with every lovely woman you see

You stay outside all night, from time to time.

You habitually express dissatisfaction with your life and relationships.

You just touch her while making love, but you don’t often express your love.

You threatened to leave her.

Any of these types of behavior will quickly turn into insecurities, resentment and constant embarrassment. The worst nightmare of this insecure woman is another woman in her life. The last thing she has to do is invite another woman into your bed.

Remember: Your partner must be very safe about your relationship before giving you a threesome. So make sure you never threaten your relationship. It doesn't matter how angry or unhappy you become. She needs to know that you are a project and nothing can ruin your relationship.

Doing something meaningful makes her feel satisfied.

You can usually find a more romantic way to express your love for her, buy some cosmetics for her, give her the flowers she likes, comfort her when she is sad, work tired and help her release work pressure on the sofa. Holding her, how beautiful she is; many small things you can do will have a major positive impact, try to compliment her, don't let her feel the bad influence, such as her fat, poor body and other boring topics. Before you tell her that you have a threesome's intent, you must make sure that she determines that the threesome does not threaten her relationship with you.

Learn to persuade them to join the threesome.

It is very likely that your lover is also fantasizing about the threesome, but has always been afraid or embarrassed to admit. Contrary to men, women rarely talk, and guide her more, so that her thoughts are no longer affected by the world of two people, let her think that the threesome is a good project, more able to meet your life needs, let her Like the threesome.


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