Why should you consider transgender relations?

Everyone is equal and free. Why do many people have deep prejudice in the dating of trans women? As far as I know, even a lot of men are hostile and hateful against trans people in the transgender website market. Why can't we live peacefully with trans women? Just like the lines in the movie "Peter Rabbit": sharing love does not mean losing love, because love is endless, trans women are ordinary people, and she also needs to share the love with others.
1. Perhaps many people should know that trans women are not gay or lesbian. This is an understandable misunderstanding, but it is still stupid. Trans women are women. They don't feel like men, and because modern medical technology can have a very ideal body for young women. Homosexuality is a male or female who is attracted to the same sex. This is different from trans women, because they think they are women, and their identity has nothing to do with sexual attraction.

2. Unlike Hollywood movies, trans women are not weird. Trans women often take care of themselves and are considered very attractive to men who do not know the sex of their birth. This will only indicate cultural prejudice that shames them on spiritual issues. Besides, many trans women take medication and get other help to ensure they reach the perfect female ideal, and your average cis women don't even have to dress up. For a trans woman, you don't have to worry about letting herself go or not take care of herself.

3. Due to the unique status of trans women, she can better understand and meet the needs of men. Trans women understand men's sexual desires and emotional needs, and for compliant women, this is almost impossible to understand.

4 Sexual relationships or sexual encounters with trans women may be more fun than cis women. This is because trans women can understand and integrate their men's needs and desires in a way that most women are powerless.

In the past, society was an old feudal idea for trans women. This phenomenon is ancient, but in today's modern times, trans women begin to advance and demand their rights. Just think about it: cis men and women have existed for millions of years. Do you want to miss the latest, perhaps the most revolutionary development of interpersonal relationships that can only be made possible by technological and social development?


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