the top three unicorn couples rules to help you enjoy experience

In daily work and stress, to relax and look for excitement. Many men will date two women at the same time, and even couples find a unicorn. Many trio groups will experience different excitement and happiness about how to organize the ready-to-use information of the threesome.

Unlike most monogamy, the trio requires a high degree of sensitivity and reasonable imagination. For a trio to consider, you must have an understanding of what you should do. Just like playing a game, you must understand the rules of the trio so that you can get the most experience from the three-person experience. This may be one of two women, one of whom is your lover and the other is for you to release You will feel two different feelings and experiences when you are looking for excitement.

To enjoy such an environment, it is recommended to first set a few rules to respect the two women who like you. If you do not limit the rules, then your relationship with women may be affected by this experience, so you should know She is doing what you do to another woman and what she won't accept. For example, she may be uncomfortable with your oral sex or insertional sex with another woman. Do not go beyond the limits. Keep in mind that either of these two women can become very embarrassing, so try not to close any of them, but always pay special attention to your woman. If attention is not focused on you, you may feel bad. Unleash your stress and open up your sexual thoughts by sharing sexual pleasure among three people.

One of the rules of the threesome stipulates that you should not drink alcohol or eat some drugs that last for a long time. Some people tend to drink alcohol to courage or want to maintain their long-lasting time, but this will only become bad behavior. If you need to relax, you should not have more than one or two cocktails. Proper drinks can increase your interest, but the transitional wine will only make you lose your original state and lead to bad sexual behavior.

The second rule of the trio requires participants to bring more happiness to each other as much as possible. You may think that these two women will give you full attention, but the fact is that they want to share sex equally. Pleasure, at the same time you should take care of every woman in sexual behavior, try to be fair and not let any woman swear. If you can't handle the three-person relationship very well, then use your hands to comfort them and love them.

Three of the three rules, participants can always find something to do, not very boring, if she is in an attractive position, to touch their breasts, women, kiss their necks, then come back and take a woman orally. This will turn your attention to you faster than you might expect. Pay special attention to penetration when doing a trio, because it automatically establishes a strong connection between you and a woman. Only penetrate a woman when you are sure that you are ready and comfortable to avoid a woman's misplacement. Keep it safe and use a condom during the operation to give the trio a better experience.

When you are having sex with a threesome, try to use a condom as much as possible. This can prevent a lot of sexually transmitted diseases and protect you. When you put one hand on a particular woman, the other hand on another woman. This is because any genital fluid such as vaginal secretions and sperm can cause sexually transmitted diseases.

The threesome has also become popular in Europe and the United States. If you want to find a threesome, open mind or look for more excitement, join us now.


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