Bisexuality is not the three reasons for sex

1. Potential and action

Bisexuality means that it may be attracted to multiple genders. At any given moment, the sexual behavior of bisexuals has nothing to do with their bisexuality. This is how bisexuals marry a person and still maintain bisexuality. The ability to be attracted by multiple genders makes them bisexual. It doesn't matter if they have sex with only one of their partners for the rest of their lives - that person is still a bisexual. There are differences between sexual orientation and sexual behavior, and there may be differences between what we might be interested in and our behavior.

2. No need for P and V.

One of the most common and frustrating problems of bisexuals is that "you have a man and a woman sleeping together." Most of the time, people confuse gender with gender. They ask about the pipeline, not the gender issue. What they want to know is whether we have sex with people in the penis and vagina. This is a question that bisexuals should not answer (or even be asked) because even if they have no sexual relationship with people other than the genitals, we are fully capable of becoming bisexuals. Yes. We don't need to have sex with people in the penis and vagina to know that we are bisexual. God, we can only live with sex in life, but still bisexual like other bisexuals. There are no other rules. Equally important, the potential for any attraction is there.

3. Virginity / Abstinence / Celibacy is one thing

Several valid options would result in a person not having sex, and in every one of those cases, the person can still be bi. For instance, loads of bisexuals around the world realized their bisexuality before ever having any sex at all (the author of this article, for example). One study found that LGB folks experienced their first same-sex attraction at age 8 or 9 on average, a statistic that checks out when you think about how many of us point to early adolescence as the time we first knew or suspected that we were L, G, or B. Clearly sex itself is not integral to our identities when we're crushing on people of our same gender/sex in elementary school.


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