5 ways to love yourself as a transgender.

  1. Trans people need self-love, and I am not talking about masturbation. I chat with trans people every day, let life be filled with more expectation and pursuit of love, open up my thoughts, and remember not to let myself be closed.
  2. The book is a ladder of human progress. Reading trans-center-centered works is very helpful to your physical and mental health. What we need to remind is that not everyone is straight, and they need to learn from the day after tomorrow. Reading books will also provide you with many ways to find transgender lovers.
  3. Look for an animal - preferably domesticated - and give some serious attention and good abdominal friction. If you don't have a pet, the people you know will let you snuggle up with their pet. This positive interaction will give you life.
  4. Hold a heavy dinner. Start a transgender club or host a horror movie night. Creating bonds that don't depend on alcohol, drugs or mobile phones is a good thing. Loudly telling heterosexual, gay, bisexual couples, transgender love is just as happy as you.
  5. Learn to smile and face yourself. You should say to yourself in the mirror: "Damn, I am sexy!" At least once a day, then share your feelings on the social platform.


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