5 tips on how to attract women as lesbians

As a woman, finding women in the wild can be difficult. But how do we attract lesbians when you are in a lesbian match club?
1.High heels or hair
How to choose high heels and hair, the combination of the two is very important. When you have the hair of Mariah Carey, at the same time, wearing high heels is impossible. Therefore, if you wear high heels, you may use a more "exaggerated" hairstyle. If you can't resist rolling hair, it must be flat shoes. As for me and my twins, we compromised. I invested in grey, leather and high-heeled boots, and we agreed not to argue whether they were "gay."
2. Glasses
"Take off these things.", shy, because I started to put shiny sequins on my eyes.
It seems that even if you are a street woman, you may need to draw a little attention to attract the attention of the scene. When my twins took me to the gay club for the first time, I met my first real-life lesbian. She was a gleaming tassel with all her eyeliners and quickly gave me a "gay", including a serious smoky eye.
3. The hands of lesbians
I think you need to cut your nails. "If you have to wear a ring, please wear it on your thumb."
Obviously "the lesbian hand" is one thing? In addition to the applicability of the obvious short nails, neatly trimmed and gay-friendly hands are a great giveaway on gay land. So there are no garlands or sparkling bracelets. For lesbians, less is more.
There is a general saying that "the fastest way to see homosexuality is Peas." When you find a hat that matches you when you choose a hat. At this time, we think we are cool. Although this may be the reason for our singleness. It is also a way to attract women, or she may fantasize that you are a handsome cowboy.
5.what do you drink?
Many lesbians will say, “Here, drink this. Don’t be so refined. Drinking is like watching baseball.” Many girls often ignore your requirements for white wine sprayers and hand you a bottle of beer. The fact is that the rules of society are constantly changing, but as lesbians, they can attract women.


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