5 things you want to do when meeting a lesbian

Faced with reality, we all want to meet lesbians and try to date them. There is absolutely no queer woman in adult entertainment. We will do this, but adult filmmakers should pay attention. Here are five things that lesbians want, but not from porn.

1.Realistic queer girl
When you meet a real queer girl, they may have complete hair, perfect hair and fake nails are unrealistic. Give us a Shane-From-The-L-Word look and some kind of Alex Prepon / Ruby Rose mashup. Although you see their beautiful appearance, they don't know their inner desire for love.

The background that women need is very important. Women don't need the junk story of most porn movies, but we need more than just “Look... tits!” Please have enough “housewives to seduce the nanny” nonsense. At least some strange things are coming up to attract the interest of these lesbians. These backgrounds give women a feeling of a whim.

3. Respect the toy
Toys can provoke women's tastes, and toys will account for 90% of girls and girls' movies, but some ridiculous things will always happen, like an actress putting it in his mouth? It doesn't seem to be the image created for men, then I don't know what it is.

4. Mutual
It is ridiculous that many "lesbian" porns portray a "transformation" of predatory women. But it is indeed the beginning of mutual temptation between lesbians, and few gay women have experienced this. We are more likely to get our first experience in the same closed queue, the first temptation is always so good.

5. Authenticity
The authenticity of meeting lesbians is from wardrobes to make-up, and queer women are less likely to maintain beautiful striptease shoes or cosmetics during sexual intercourse. Obviously, this is standard, but for ladies who love Ms., we need to really believe what is going on there.


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