Seeking your bisexual love

           When you have a relationship with a bisexual, they need to accept each other's sexual orientation. Don't ignore this problem, don't be afraid of anything.

Don't worry too much about them, it will make them feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Treat them like ordinary people, and don't shy away from certain topics because they are bisexuals.
Keep in mind that for bisexuality, gender is as common as the color of hair in a mutually attractive relationship. They will like men or women, which is more strange or dangerous than (assuming) you like blond hair and brown hair. But the results don't necessarily meet the needs of both of you.

If you only deal with bisexuality because of sexual relationships, give up before you start a possible object relationship.
Most bisexual groups have their own status as LGBT communities. Some bisexuals do not consider them to be "any kind" of lesbian, gay or heterosexual groups. They feel that they should have their own independent group. Some bisexuals believe that they are unable to integrate into lesbian, gay or heterosexual groups and feel vulnerable. Bisexuals “do not understand” their gender identity and only know which group they “fit”.
           Don't think that they are more likely to make choices because of bisexuality, or they can't understand homosexuality in heterosexual society - they may not be ready to enter long-term heterosexual relationships. Bisexuality can't make you heterosexual, nor can you deny that they are gay; when they find someone they like or have a lover, they know how to choose the same as everyone else.
Don't tell bisexuals that they are just a transitional period and will eventually change. They know themselves better than you, and your only task is to accept their nature.


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