Bisexuality is not a monster

"Love is an attitude of a person to a person he likes, a kind of trust in him or her." This sentence is enough to show that love is actually not related to gender, homosexuality and bisexuality are not monsters, they are just love The pursuit is different from the average person.

Both the past and the present world of bisexuality have been misunderstood. Their lives are always secret. They are always preserved by the world, not being optimistic about everyone, what will happen in the future, no one will know. In fact, bisexuality needs to be released. They are bound by certain rules. There is nothing wrong with love. Why are there so many rules in the world to restrict bisexuality?

Gender is inherently doomed. When you were born, you can't choose to be male or female? Bisexuality is also the same. Sexual orientation seems to be born. Both bisexuality and homosexuality are innate. Of course, the environment in which they live is also a decisive factor.

Homosexuality and bisexuality are not monsters, they are easy to fall in love with the same sex. Many people don't understand homosexuality and bisexuality. We have to try to understand them, because of the differences caused by their different sexual orientations, why not look at them from a different angle?

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