Bisexual girl's secret

If you like a girl, you think she is very cute, but you think she is flirting with you, you are interested, but you are not sure if she is bisexual, how do you know that she is bisexual? But the clues we can see from some behaviors or dress may indicate that she is bisexual.
For example, you can look for obvious signs on her car or rainbow jewelry, such as marriage equality stickers, other clues may be bisexual.
Some people claim that they can tell bisexuals because they tend to be more eye contact and stay longer, maybe a second, but enough to make you realize that you are the same, but again, This is not a reliable way to determine if someone is bisexual.
You see that person sometimes gives you a clue if he is bisexual. If you see him in a bisexual bar or bisexual parade, he may be bisexual, but if you are in class, at a local cafe, or in your friend's backyard barbecue?
You can also start a conversation with her to see if she happens to mention that he is dating someone, or she is married, maybe love, usually talking to someone in a few minutes, you can decide if she is a bisexual, if You can't, but you are still very curious, you can ask her friends, or once you know her, you can ask her.


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