How to maintain mutual trust in love(1)

The first to remain loyal.

If one of the relationships is no longer loyal, then the relationship will soon be impossible to maintain. If one of them has an affair, two people can still fix the relationship, but usually need to ask a professional therapist for help. Once you promise to be loyal to each other, stick to it. If you are not happy in your relationship, ask for help and don't be half-hearted.
The so-called loyalty must be reflected in all aspects. Maintaining loyalty in the body and emotionally maintaining loyalty. Some people think that they can be very close to other people, as long as they don't involve physical relationships, but this is not the case. Spiritual derailment will ultimately affect your relationship.
Try to keep the right distance. Different cultures have different understandings of “appropriate”, and “appropriate” is also related to the age of a person. It is important to understand which requirements in the relationship need to be respected, what needs to be clarified, and what requirements can be raised freely.
For example, a mere appointment is not a serious relationship. When you want to go out with someone else, be sure to understand the nature of the date; if the girl is not sure if she is having a friend or a partner to have dinner with you, the scene will be embarrassing.
Find out if you are in the cannon or develop your relationship seriously. Some people can accept the "cannon friend" relationship, while others believe that sexual relations must be based on a deep emotional basis.
Stable partnerships cover a wide range of relationships, including traditional marriages, cohabitation, and more free "open marriages" and multi-angle relationships. For a person who pursues a traditional marriage, if his partner wants other types of relationships, he will be disappointed.


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