How to kiss between couples

          First, hinting at the willingness to kiss. You don't have to say it, just send some simple signals:
Let the other person notice that you are staring at each other's lips.
Don't pout. Gently separate your mouth, don't open it too much, make sure your upper lip can easily bite into the lower lip.
Make your lips look more attractive. Use a lip scrub and lip balm to moisturize dry lips and use a mint or liquid breath freshener to keep your breath fresh. Do not use chewing gum. Otherwise, you have to spit out the chewing gum when the other person kisses you, and this is awkward.
         Second, break the deadlock. If you are bold enough, try to kiss the other person's mouth or hand. If the other person does not evade and shows interest, you can try to kiss the other's lips.
When you are kissing a girl: gently lift her hand and kiss her back. Let your kiss stay for 2-3 seconds.
When you are kissing a boy: Kiss him on the cheek and stay for 2-3 seconds. Don't behave as if you want to kiss your family. If you want to be more obvious, kiss his mouth.
         Third, create a romantic atmosphere before kissing. You can try to praise each other and be sincere. Maybe the other party will take the initiative to kiss you.
Talk intimately. When talking to the other person, lower your voice and stare at each other's eyes. This not only lets the other person know your mind, but also makes the other person closer to you.
Attitude should be tempted. Even if you know that the other is a good basketball player, don't always mention it. You should focus on the side that can create a romantic atmosphere. Such as:
"you're so beautiful!"
"Your eyes make me fascinated!"
"I like to see you laughing!"
"I am so lucky to be with you at the moment!"
          Fourth, if these strategies fail, simply put aside and directly verbally suggest that you want to kiss each other. But if the other party still doesn't understand what you mean, then make it clear. Don't worry - it doesn't mean not romance. If you don't know what to say, try these sentences:
"I don't want to do anything except kissing you now."
"If this is too straightforward, please forgive me - but I really want to kiss you!"
"I want to kiss you too much, I don't know how to be good!"

Fifth, decisive attack. If you are ready, don't waste your time - close your eyes, bow your head, and gently kiss. Below we will discuss the techniques of kissing and how to kiss in different situations - what to do with the first kiss, what to do after the date.


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