How to build your own trust between couples?

        First, live as usual. Many people think that a good relationship must play more new tricks. In other words, they must always do something new to surprise the other person. It is good to have some surprises occasionally, but stability and consistency are more important. Maybe such a relationship sounds dull, but in the long run, in order for things to work effectively, you need to be a predictable person. Predictability constitutes trust.
        Second, become a reliable person. Trust means you can rely on this person. No matter what the circumstances, you can trust your partner to do something. This kind of trust gives you a sense of security. You also want your partner to feel that you can count on you.
If you say that you arrive home at five o'clock in the afternoon, make sure that you can really get home at five o'clock, even if there are other things, at least notify the other party. The most important thing is to be consistent. If you don't call the explanation four times in an average of five times, you can go back at your own pace, indicating that you are more focused on your needs than on your partner's needs. Both parties must fulfill their responsibilities to achieve a happy and successful relationship.
         Third, when it comes to doing it. A partner knows your expression better than others. She or he can see if you are lying, or have not completely said what you think, hiding the true feelings. She may think that you are cheating on her. If the other party can trust you without any hesitation, the relationship between you will not be shaken.
          Fourth, tell the truth. Don't be concealed, nothing is more important than her. You know that he will know these things sooner or later. If you don't tell the truth, you will kill his trust in you and destroy your relationship.
          Fifth, share your true feelings. Many people don't tell their partner what they need. Don't let the other half speculate what you should do for you. Both sides must share the true feelings. If only one party continues to cater to the needs of the other party, the party that is catered will feel suffocated while the other party will feel neglected. Both situations are not good.

Sixth, sometimes you have to know how to refuse. You need to listen to your partner's needs and try to satisfy them, but sometimes you must know how to refuse. You can't always meet the needs of the other person, and occasionally refuse to win some respect. Demonstrate your position and stick to your will, which may actually strengthen your trust.


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