How do couples stay enthusiasm?

           First, change the single, everyday, and unchanging approach. It is best to say that suddenly surprise the other party, give the other party a bunch of flowers, change their hair style, or change their room layout, etc., which will make the lover feel fresh and happy.

          Second, mutual respect, although the two through love, do not distinguish between you and me, but still adhere to the etiquette as the first love, do not lose the original warmth and soft care, because any disrespect for each other's words and deeds will greatly damage their attraction. .

          Third, don't leave too long, don't touch for a long time, the atmosphere, as the saying goes, the little wins the newlyweds. In particular, after some contradictions and short periods of time, not only will the two sides calmly consider and examine, but the mystery will also multiply and increase each other's freshness. Oh.

          Fourth, try to prevent and reduce physical contact. Kisses, hugs and strokes in love are understandable. They can beautify and promote the love of both. However, the number of times cannot be too frequent. Too common will lead to aversion between each other.


Fifth, premarital sexual intercourse is inappropriate from the perspective of sexual physiology and sexual life. Don't stand naked in front of your lover, it will make you lose the mystery of sex. The physiological response of each person's sexual intercourse, but the mental state of the situation is different. Pursuit of mystery and freshness is the true meaning of love.


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