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How to kiss between couples

First, hinting at the willingness to kiss. You don't have to say it, just send some simple signals:
Let the other person notice that you are staring at each other's lips.
Don't pout. Gently separate your mouth, don't open it too much, make sure your upper lip can easily bite into the lower lip.
Make your lips look more attractive. Use a lip scrub and lip balm to moisturize dry lips and use a mint or liquid breath freshener to keep your breath fresh. Do not use chewing gum. Otherwise, you have to spit out the chewing gum when the other person kisses you, and this is awkward.
         Second, break the deadlock. If you are bold enough, try to kiss the other person's mouth or hand. If the other person does not evade and shows interest, you can try to kiss the other's lips.
When you are kissing a girl: gently lift her hand and kiss her back. Let your kiss stay for 2-3 seconds.
When you are kissing a boy: Kiss him on the cheek and stay for 2-3 seconds. Don…

How to build your own trust between couples?

First, live as usual. Many people think that a good relationship must play more new tricks. In other words, they must always do something new to surprise the other person. It is good to have some surprises occasionally, but stability and consistency are more important. Maybe such a relationship sounds dull, but in the long run, in order for things to work effectively, you need to be a predictable person. Predictability constitutes trust.
        Second, become a reliable person. Trust means you can rely on this person. No matter what the circumstances, you can trust your partner to do something. This kind of trust gives you a sense of security. You also want your partner to feel that you can count on you.
If you say that you arrive home at five o'clock in the afternoon, make sure that you can really get home at five o'clock, even if there are other things, at least notify the other party. The most important thing is to be consistent. If you don't call the explanat…

How do couples stay enthusiasm?

First, change the single, everyday, and unchanging approach. It is best to say that suddenly surprise the other party, give the other party a bunch of flowers, change their hair style, or change their room layout, etc., which will make the lover feel fresh and happy.

          Second, mutual respect, although the two through love, do not distinguish between you and me, but still adhere to the etiquette as the first love, do not lose the original warmth and soft care, because any disrespect for each other's words and deeds will greatly damage their attraction. .

          Third, don't leave too long, don't touch for a long time, the atmosphere, as the saying goes, the little wins the newlyweds. In particular, after some contradictions and short periods of time, not only will the two sides calmly consider and examine, but the mystery will also multiply and increase each other's freshness. Oh.

          Fourth, try to prevent and reduce physical contact. Kisses…

How to maintain mutual trust in love(1)

The first to remain loyal.

If one of the relationships is no longer loyal, then the relationship will soon be impossible to maintain. If one of them has an affair, two people can still fix the relationship, but usually need to ask a professional therapist for help. Once you promise to be loyal to each other, stick to it. If you are not happy in your relationship, ask for help and don't be half-hearted.
The so-called loyalty must be reflected in all aspects. Maintaining loyalty in the body and emotionally maintaining loyalty. Some people think that they can be very close to other people, as long as they don't involve physical relationships, but this is not the case. Spiritual derailment will ultimately affect your relationship.
Try to keep the right distance. Different cultures have different understandings of “appropriate”, and “appropriate” is also related to the age of a person. It is important to understand which requirements in the relationship need to be respected, what n…

How can couples stay passionate?

First, change the single, day-to-day, no change method. It is better to say that suddenly bringing a surprise to the other party, or giving the other party a bunch of flowers, changing their hairstyle, or changing their room layout, etc., will make the lovers feel fresh and happy.
        Second, mutual respect, although the two through love, do not distinguish between you and me, but still insist on etiquette as in the first love, do not lose the original warm and soft care, because any disrespect for each other's words and deeds, will greatly damage their attraction .

        Third, parting not to be too long, do not contact for a long time, to the atmosphere, as the saying goes, the small wins the newlyweds. Especially after a few contradictions, the short time is different, not only makes the two sides calmly consider and review, but also the sense of mystery will increase exponentially and increase the freshness of each other. Oh.
          Fourth, try to prevent and …