Cherish the gay girl

If you don't love, please leave, please hurt, maybe it is too shallow;

If you like, please understand, please take care of your other half, please use

Your heart;

This is a process, although it is difficult, but for your love you must do this. . . . .

LES love is not easy,

Please don't doubt whether this love is true,

Please don't give up this love,

Please don't let go of the girl in your hand,

Whether the ending is good or bad,

Please cherish the moment when you are together. . . .

When you are together

Don't easily break up, break up,

Because the girl next to you can’t afford to hurt you,

Don't accept this love as an entertainment game,

Because all LES needs true love,

You need to treat it with your heart,

To know how to cherish the girl who is holding hands,


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