About lesbian film

         In 2005, the film "Face" directed by female director Wu Siwei described the conservative pressure of lesbians in the Chinese world, and won the 44th Golden Horse Award for the best film. At the same time, the Chinese girl who plays lesbian plays in the drama. Star Yang Yahui, shortlisted for the best actress.

         In July 2006, Radio Television Hong Kong's TV series "The Collection" (Comrades and Lovers) explored the pressures and difficulties that homosexuality encountered as a socially disadvantaged community . In January 2007, the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority ruled that "the content of the report is unfair, incomplete and partial to homosexuality, and it has the effect of advocating same-sex marriage." It is not suitable for broadcasting during the family time, so it sends a "strong advice" to Hong Kong and Taiwan


         In 2006, the French and Canadian co-production film "Botanical Garden" was based on the story of a pair of lesbians in mainland China in the 1990s.

         In 2007, the Taiwanese film "Tattoo" explored the love, affection and friendship of lesbians, received the bonus subsidy from the Information Bureau of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China, and won the Teddy Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival that year.

         In 2008, the Taiwanese film "Wandering Youth" was a three-stage film, which was independent but related. The three stories, five male/female comrades, performed a drifting “flow of life” through the flow of relationships.

          In 2008, the story of four lesbians in the Taiwanese movie "Candy Rain" took place in an old apartment in Taipei; four pairs of lovers living in old apartments received the same An anonymous package sent to Candy Rain. NO.1 "If the South is frozen", NO.2 "I can't see the city of attack", NO.3 "Dream the opposite dream", NO.4 "Like the girl who eats flowers."

           In 2010, Hong Kong film "All About Love" was directed by Xu Anhua, a Hong Kong drama about lesbian emotional life, starring Wu Junru, Zhou Huimin, Zhang Zhaohui and Chen Weiqi.

           In 2010, the Thai film "Love and Love" (อยากรักก็รักเลย; Yes or No), directed by Sarasawadee Wongsompetch, by Tina Gitalera (Tina Jittaleela) and Li Haina lead the show.

           In 2014, the Taiwanese film "Wait for a Man" (French: Café·Waiting·Love), a nine-knife novel of the same name was adapted into a movie.


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