seeking lesbian love

         Many people say that dating with lesbians is quite scary, I don't think so. If

you read the following, you have nothing to worry about. Don't worry, be bold and

accept your bisexual companions.

         First, create a common topic, make you attractive to her, start with friends is

also good, test her sexual orientation, whether there are friends like lesbians around,

 what attitude to lesbians. Occasionally talk about this topic while chatting,

respecting the gender characteristics of the date, which is part of their identity.

Understand that they are a kind of person most of the time, because of this, they

have "double" nature. No matter who you are dating at the time, most bisexuals

consider themselves to be bisexual.

         Second, care more about her in life, buy some snacks, carefully observe her

preferences, make small surprises, say something awkward, let her know that you

are  different from her and other girls, create a good friend, good girlfriends are

God assists. Into her circle of friends.

         Finally, the confession suggests that in a private place, it is necessary to create

an atmosphere that is natural. I was holding her confession while sleeping with the

subject, and kissed her. I have to be myself in love, keep attractive, don’t slack off

because I am chasing, I wish you happiness.



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