How to judge lesbians


1. Look at the eyes, LES eyes are more exposed. Straight women look straight women are rarely looking directly, usually because of the other person's face or clothing to attract attention, a faint sweep away. And LES sees the girl's eyes as a kind of fair appreciation. Also, the eyes of the general T are mostly depressed, and some pseudo LES (feeling like a woman) is impetuous. And P's eyes are generally stronger than the eyes of ordinary women...
   2. Group, LES psychologically pays more attention to group and attribution, no matter how the appearance looks straight, how to show that women who have to be male are not excluded if they often participate in LES group gatherings. This may explain her curiosity, but it may also be a hidden version of LES. It’s just a matter of straight bends.
     3. Look at the clothes, the T is not to say that it is very neutral or even masculine, rarely wear skirt cheongsam, after the general work, TT began to choose sportswear, short hair. I like simple, simple, monochrome clothing, especially black. There is also a LES (T) with two pieces of chest up! The style of P dressing is rarely awkward, and the beauty that needs to be carefully selected is probably more intent than the ones that are presented to the opposite sex. In general, LES will pay more attention to body details than ordinary people.
    4. For people to live, what is to be said here is that LES is not all feminist, and feminism may not necessarily be LES, but there are indeed many LES that do not like or even dislike male touch. Subconsciously prefer female stall owners when shopping. I am optimistic and tolerant in my daily life, and there are many strange things. Ts don't really like to accept special care as a weak woman. There is a gloomy place in the heart that has nothing to do with men and women.
    5. Gossip chat, very different from straight people and similar people, do not like the topic of family feelings. I often reveal that "one person is very good" and "love pessimism" pays little attention to men when going to work. The biggest evaluation is "Oh, okay" "I feel it is good" but I often watch people watching the window when they are not paying attention. Details (for example, oh, I think that the woman's calf is very good, etc., for men, it may mean: I am very picky about men, most men don't seem to be eye-catching... Actually, men are psychologically I have no good feelings.)
     6. Look at the shape, not only handsome cool high LES right, many short fat fans may be reliable T, especially some seemingly less experienced than the actual age, or it may be Immerse yourself in the LES of anything in my love.
     7. Looking at what she usually pays attention to, LES generally pays more attention to same-sex anecdotes. Buying more attention to things with female and female plots, watching contact dramas often pay attention to the plot of women wearing men's clothing. As for movies, just like straight men rarely like to watch comrades. Like ordinary people, the straight women I know rarely go to buy a dish like a woman's love.
      8, financial management, LES's topic is always more consumption than production, whether it is good for the same sex or rarely raise money. Admit that this belongs to a marginal crowd. Always advertise yourself with an attitude that doesn't care much about money.
     9. LES generally has a near-instinctive enthusiasm and concern for some small animals, environmental protection, and public welfare undertakings.
     10. The two traveled, and the straight women often walked on their way, all the way and screaming. I won't be squatting at that time, no matter how close, it may not be LES, and the two LESs will generally be silent. Often go hand in hand.
     11. For men, this has no other meaning, but there are a lot of LES attitudes towards men almost become a kind of indifference, such as two LES chat, a man walked over, asked, the general answer is " Ah, after a man, I feel that someone has passed..." (some les can stay away from men because they resist male odor)
     12. By feeling, maybe you don't need any reason, any condition, the kind of tacit understanding that can only be passed away, whether it is a smile or a strong turn. Know that you are you, you are. (Generally, after les contact is more, you can feel it... especially when two t meet on the street, you usually know it with your eyes...


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