How to find out if you are a lesbian

       If you want to know if you are a lesbian, the following requirements can prove whether you are a lesbian
     1. Imagine yourself dating, kissing or even holding a sexy and attractive boy. What is your first thought? If you feel excited, funny, romantic, etc., then you are not gay. However, if you think that such an idea is disgusting, or if you feel ridiculous and embarrassing, then it is likely that you are a homosexual.
       2. Imagine yourself dating a girl, kissing or even holding hands. What is your first thought? If you feel excited, funny, romantic, etc., then it probably means that you are lace. However, if you feel as disgusting, absurd or embarrassing as the same guy, it just means that you have an early idea of ​​homosexuality, or that you are not used to it, or that you are a bisexual.
      3. Have you ever had a crush on other girls? Even falling in love with her? Want to progress a relationship? Imagine loving each other and sharing the future together?
      4. Think about it, when you hear or see lesbians (can be famous or anonymous), would you find it attractive or very interesting? Do you feel that you admire or want to know them? If so, it may show that you want to be a member of the lace group.
     5. Look at your favorite music and compare your DVD or lace themes to your heterosexual friend. This is a good sign that the lesbian community is attractive to you.If you have dated or are dating a guy now, would you always find a lot of excuses that should not be followed? Are you too picky or shy when you are a boy? Does the boy attack you will make you uncomfortable? These may be signals that you are not interested in boys.
      6. Check out lesbian movies or read lesbian novels and test your feelings about the subject. Does the feeling inside make you feel the same? Still make you feel sick / indifferent?Do you find yourself looking at other girls? If so, you may think that they are beautiful, but this does not mean that you must be homosexual, but only one of them.

     7. Kissing: Have you kissed other girls? If it is, does it feel good? Do you occasionally want to come again? Or just a joke? If you feel good and want to try again, maybe you are lace.
       8. Fantasy: Do most of the fantasies have women or men? Just answering this question is already obvious.
      9. Going to a date: The best way to do this is to actually date or kiss another lesbian (what you really like, not just one). You will soon be able to find out from these experiences whether you have deep feelings for them or just treat them as good friends. However, you have to remember that if you have a negative impression of a gay community from a young age, or have never been exposed to such a culture, then you will be a bit embarrassed at first, but in the end this step will allow you to discover your own feelings. (Also remember that if you don't enjoy kissing or dating a girl, it doesn't mean that you feel this way for women. It may happen that this girl is not what you like.)


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