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Life is complicated and people's schedules are busy. It is unfair or realistic to 

expect that the people you see will give up and just go out with you. Having said

that, if someone is interested in getting to know you, they will find time to plan in

 the timetable - even one or two weeks in advance. If you are trying to find the same

person as your sexual orientation, be sure to pay more attention to her and take the

initiative to contact her.

       Our platform can't change the people we date. When we can only change the

reaction to them, if you think your dating relationship is unequal, you are always the

one who puts the most energy, then please don't worry. I firmly believe that your

to our website will definitely give you a corresponding return, we can help you find

lesbians who share your interests.

       Join us and you will get unexpected surprises.

About lesbian film

In 2005, the film "Face" directed by female director Wu Siwei described the conservative pressure of lesbians in the Chinese world, and won the 44th Golden Horse Award for the best film. At the same time, the Chinese girl who plays lesbian plays in the drama. Star Yang Yahui, shortlisted for the best actress.

         In July 2006, Radio Television Hong Kong's TV series "The Collection" (Comrades and Lovers) explored the pressures and difficulties that homosexuality encountered as a socially disadvantaged community . In January 2007, the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority ruled that "the content of the report is unfair, incomplete and partial to homosexuality, and it has the effect of advocating same-sex marriage." It is not suitable for broadcasting during the family time, so it sends a "strong advice" to Hong Kong and Taiwan


         In 2006, the French and Canadian co-production film "Botanical Garden" was based on the…

That's lesbian activity!


lesbian culture

 Lesbians are women who use the same-sex person to establish intimate relationships or use this sexual orientation as the main self-identifying behavior or phenomenon. Lesbians are often referred to as "lace side". Lace can be used as a noun, meaning women who identify themselves or are identified by others as having lesbian traits, and can also be used as adjectives to express the characteristics of things related to lesbian sexual desire.
        Although lesbians have been recorded in many cultures since ancient times, in ancient times, they were called “stone mills”, “grinding mirrors”, and “for food”. In the past 20 years, there have been “lesbians” and “lace sides” in the Chinese circle. The words "Lazi", "Lila", "Ou Lei", "Lei Po", "T Po", "Lily Girl", "Crocodile" are used to describe lesbians. In the late nineteenth century, sexologists published their research on same-sex desires and behavioral per…

How to judge lesbians

1. Look at the eyes, LES eyes are more exposed. Straight women look straight women are rarely looking directly, usually because of the other person's face or clothing to attract attention, a faint sweep away. And LES sees the girl's eyes as a kind of fair appreciation. Also, the eyes of the general T are mostly depressed, and some pseudo LES (feeling like a woman) is impetuous. And P's eyes are generally stronger than the eyes of ordinary women...
   2. Group, LES psychologically pays more attention to group and attribution, no matter how the appearance looks straight, how to show that women who have to be male are not excluded if they often participate in LES group gatherings. This may explain her curiosity, but it may also be a hidden version of LES. It’s just a matter of straight bends.      3. Look at the clothes, the T is not to say that it is very neutral or even masculine, rarely wear skirt cheongsam, after the general work, TT began to choose sportswear, short hai…

Cherish the gay girl

If you don't love, please leave, please hurt, maybe it is too shallow;

If you like, please understand, please take care of your other half, please use

Your heart;

This is a process, although it is difficult, but for your love you must do this. . . . .

LES love is not easy,

Please don't doubt whether this love is true,

Please don't give up this love,

Please don't let go of the girl in your hand,

Whether the ending is good or bad,

Please cherish the moment when you are together. . . .

When you are together

Don't easily break up, break up,

Because the girl next to you can’t afford to hurt you,

Don't accept this love as an entertainment game,

Because all LES needs true love,

You need to treat it with your heart,

To know how to cherish the girl who is holding hands,

How to find out if you are a lesbian

If you want to know if you are a lesbian, the following requirements can prove whether you are a lesbian      1. Imagine yourself dating, kissing or even holding a sexy and attractive boy. What is your first thought? If you feel excited, funny, romantic, etc., then you are not gay. However, if you think that such an idea is disgusting, or if you feel ridiculous and embarrassing, then it is likely that you are a homosexual.        2. Imagine yourself dating a girl, kissing or even holding hands. What is your first thought? If you feel excited, funny, romantic, etc., then it probably means that you are lace. However, if you feel as disgusting, absurd or embarrassing as the same guy, it just means that you have an early idea of ​​homosexuality, or that you are not used to it, or that you are a bisexual.       3. Have you ever had a crush on other girls? Even falling in love with her? Want to progress a relationship? Imagine loving each other and sharing the future together?      …

Women looking for women

Women looking for women seem to be a difficult pursuit. But they know themselves better than you, and their only task is to accept their own sexual orientation.
Some bisexuals like somewhere in "one" gender. For example, a woman's curvaceous and beautiful body. You don't have to ask for the "extra" nature they like. Every bisexual is different, but I hope that you will be what you are. However, if you want to change the following look for other reasons, there is no problem; any relationship is equal, you don't have to change it for the other party, or you have to change it.
        In the developing United States, there are many bisexual ladies. If a woman meets another perfect woman, how many perfect matches? On the one hand, depending on whether you are in a big city or a small city, you have a lot of choices in big cities, and in a smaller city you have relatively few choices. On the other hand, it also depends on time and your social life. Some of u…

seeking lesbian love

Many people say that dating with lesbians is quite scary, I don't think so. If

you read the following, you have nothing to worry about. Don't worry, be bold and

accept your bisexual companions.

         First, create a common topic, make you attractive to her, start with friends is

also good, test her sexual orientation, whether there are friends like lesbians around,

 what attitude to lesbians. Occasionally talk about this topic while chatting,

respecting the gender characteristics of the date, which is part of their identity.

Understand that they are a kind of person most of the time, because of this, they

have "double" nature. No matter who you are dating at the time, most bisexuals

consider themselves to be bisexual.

         Second, care more about her in life, buy some snacks, carefully observe her

preferences, make small surprises, say something awkward, let her know that you

are  different from her and other girls, create a good friend, good girlfrie…

meet lesbian singles

If you are a gay woman and want to see a single lesbian relationship that you take seriously, welcome to a lesbian website. Lesbian dating site will separate yourself from others on a dating site, and our goal is to have a long-term match with people who want to be in the future. The view of love. So let's not worry about the gender and the taste of our own feelings of love.

In fact, women generally say that the most sought after partners are characterized by humor, wisdom, honesty, kindness and strong values, in that order. It is easy to meet the lesbian singles who want to find in the United States. You can join a lesbian. Why do we want to control our most important gender life? Sexual life satisfaction can help us meet other aspects. as long as Have fun together and find each other's happiness, you can try again. If you want a great woman near you, but need to balance looking for love with your busy career and social life?
          Welcome to lesbian dating, you c…